In This America

My thanks to Hila Ratzabi for including “In This America” in Storyscape 18.  If you hop over to the  issue (click here), you’ll notice that the journal places the poems and stories in one of three categories: “Truth,” “Untruth,” and “We Don’t Know & They Won’t Tell Us.”  “In This America” is, alas, “Truth” to … Read more

Swish swish Ka-Ching!

Swish swish swish, Ka-Ching! Swish swish swish, Ka-Ching! Ah, the sound of money laundering. As the FBI et al follow the trail of the Russian connection, it’s worth noting the evidence pointing to money laundering (is Paul Manfort’s wallet stuffed with the cleanest dirty money in town? perhaps only his Russian hairdresser knows). So if … Read more