Much of the work on this site reflects my sense that writing and speaking are very different modes of language.  For the most part, we are so “bi-languagal” that have learned to miss these differences and and so overlook their possible implications.

As a student of literature, I’ve been drawn to writers such as Robinson Jeffers and Jack Kerouac where the tension between speaking and writing as modes of language become audible, visible, significant.  Similarly, I’ve been drawn to what might be termed “textual rhetoric” and the rhetoric of textual media as ways of trying to explore these differences.  And as a poet, I’ve become more interested in how the page can be used as a space for enacting speech and thereby less focused on the page as a space for inscribing writing.

If any of these matters are of interest—or seem puzzling in some potentially productive way—you’re welcome to give the work gathered here a spin.  A dime in the textual jukebox gets you a play; a quarter gets you three—or would if this weren’t free.

And should it happen there’s something here you’d like to talk about, let’s grab a booth.  You can imagine cherry cokes or pitchers of beer, even mugs of coffee, but the table top, I must tell you, is chipped formica and the duck-taped upholstery definitely naugahyde.

Thanks for stopping by and do remember:

 There’s always light at the end of the tunnel,
’less it’s real dark.
Then it’s all
What you believe in.